Offering specialist expertise regarding the ground environment to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors

Groundwater Development
Desk studies, site selection, procurement of drilling and testing services, preparation of suitability reports,
source protection, monitoring, troubleshooting and rehabilitation of problem sources.
Assessment of water treatment requirements
Waste Management
Desk studies, site assessment, landbank suitability assessment, monitoring, wastewater treatment
Extractive Industries
Hydrogeological and hydrological impact assessments,
Contaminated Land
Desk studies, site assessment, risk assessment, determination of best remedial approach, monitoring
Research and Development
Key areas of research include, constructed wetlands, phyto-remediation, landbank assessment,
treatment of iron in groundwater. Preparation of design manuals and national standards

Jerome Keohane, BSc, MSc, C.Geol. M.I.E.I, Lead Consultant
Denise Kelly BSc. MSc Hydrogeologist
Heather Pratt Nat. Dip Ag. Sci Agricultural Scientist

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